Dear Self, The other day I was writing in my hard back journal and I got to thinking about my site. I kept thinking I don't spend enough time writing new content, and what's really the point of paying for it if I'm not going to use it? So while I was writing I was … Continue reading DEAR SELF


The Parents curse:

Sometimes I wonder how I'm going to make it through this! Now, I'm sure most of you will know exactly what the 'Parent's Curse' is, but for those of you who don't please allow me to explain.  For some of us we had the pleasure of having parents that thought it would be a good … Continue reading The Parents curse:

Ideas in silence:

My children teach me something new everyday.  Over time they have taught me patience and understanding, how to have fun again and act like a child...I admit sometimes I take this a little too far, but really what parent doesn't right?!  They have taught me how to just stop and enjoy life again.    They … Continue reading Ideas in silence:

And so it begins:

Everyone tells you as a child is there is no manual for life, or kids.  They couldn't be more right, it isn't until we grow up and gain responsibilities, such as homes, cars, careers and children, that we realize exactly what they are talking about. No being an adult 101, or here is how you … Continue reading And so it begins:

Never Have I Ever…

In case you've never heard, never have I a fun and revealing drinking game that people play to entertain themselves.  It starts with someone saying "Never have I ever...." then filling in the blank with something they have never done, if anyone playing the game with them has ever done that particular thing they  … Continue reading Never Have I Ever…

The Journey Begins

My Journey began when my life ended. September 11 will-for most-always live in infamy as the day the Twin Towers fell in New York. For myself, this day has a double meaning. This was the day I realized my ex-husband intended to part with me, but old world vow know 'till death do us … Continue reading The Journey Begins