Ideas in silence:

My children teach me something new everyday.  Over time they have taught me patience and understanding, how to have fun again and act like a child…I admit sometimes I take this a little too far, but really what parent doesn’t right?!  They have taught me how to just stop and enjoy life again.   

They have even taught me a little more about injustice, as I have three children somewhat close in age, they know a thing or two about injustice when two are ganging up on one.  Oh and they are excellent at it without getting caught, because as you know, in any sticky situation…everyone is innocent!

They have also taught me how to grow up and be a responsible adult that they can rely on, because they deserve that.  Sometimes as parents I believe we get wrapped up in our day to day responsibilities.  Now this is not to say that these are not important, but they should not be considered more important than those that depend on us and that we in turn depend on in other and different ways.   

When did it become the norm for both parents to work and the child to be raised by someone other than the parent?  Why is it okay for single mothers to make less and pay as much in rent?  Why are there not stipulations on how much you can charge a one income household?  Without settling for a low income or government subsidized program that is a lot of the time, less than adequate with way too many rules and regulations attached.  Including but not limited to giving the housing authorities the right to walk through your property at any time to complete an inspection.  

We are even seeing this in the dual household.  Both parents are having to hold down full time jobs in order to pay for their basic bills and necessities each month.  Leaving little room for time with family or money left over to enjoy themselves.  This is not only hurting our children, but the parents suffer as well.  These parents have to choose between work and plays, sleep or projects, or they have to trade off where one will be present, the other will be absent. This means that each parent has to miss out on half of everything no matter what!

This to me seems highly unacceptable.  Our rate of pay and our housing margins need to be looked at.  If our children are our future, then why is it okay for us to continue to fail them in some way or another?  Why is it okay for us to sacrifice time and important milestones with our children?  What do you think?  Do you enjoy the way things are?  Do you have any ideas for change?  Lets hear it!

Granted this is not a new idea, just one that I was having!  One that I’m sure a lot of other parents are asking as well, but it’s not enough to ask ourselves in silence.  


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