And so it begins:

Everyone tells you as a child is there is no manual for life, or kids.  They couldn’t be more right, it isn’t until we grow up and gain responsibilities, such as homes, cars, careers and children, that we realize exactly what they are talking about.

No being an adult 101, or here is how you handle a full time job as either a single parent, or a dual parent household where both must work in order to make it.  There is no guideline or specific steps to follow.

And the reason for this is simple.  Everyone is different, different strokes for different folks as they say.  Though with the breakthrough of the current era, where there is a wealth of knowledge here at our fingertips, it’s much easier to have our specific questions answered by professionals, and/or people who have lived experience in such matters.

And so I share with you my own personal experiences in everything, the struggles and lessons I have learned along the way.  My own personal 101 on how to…or not to.

I would also like others to share as well.  I want that different strokes for different folks attitude here, I would like to build a place where people can learn from others and share with others, things that have worked for them when nothing else would, and what hasn’t worked no matter your efforts.

I appreciate everyone for reading and sharing!  Have a wonderful day!


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