Never Have I Ever…

In case you’ve never heard, never have I ever…is a fun and revealing drinking game that people play to entertain themselves.  It starts with someone saying “Never have I ever….” then filling in the blank with something they have never done, if anyone playing the game with them has ever done that particular thing they  drink, hence  quietly revealing that persons secret.

Like for instance “Never have I ever gotten a job from my children committing B&E”, I would almost be willing to bet no one in my circle would be drinking!  This sounds like a crazy story, and it is…but it’s true and it’s something I know I will never forget.  It really was one of those moments in parenting where you think “is this for real??!!”

Now, I’m not sure how things are in your home, but I know when Saturday rolls around my house is going to be filled with one thing…questions.  After a long boring week of sitting in classrooms and coming home to complete chores and homework, my children are ready to get out of the house by any means necessary.

On this particular Saturday I had picked up an extra shift at my second job and was at work until that afternoon. My children, wanted to make sure that by the time I got home everything was done.  This way when they asked to go to their friends house, I would gladly say yes.

I walked through the door and was impressed at the lengths they had gone to.  My floors were freshly swept and mopped, my fireplace was cleaned up of the movie mess that was made, the kitchen sinks were cleared of dirty dishes and the bathrooms no longer had dirty clothes strewn all over from the previous nights showering.

Although they are the light of my life, my children are some of the dirtiest creatures I have ever known!  I swear I put just as much work into reminding my children to pick up after themselves, as I do into my actual job, only I see fewer results when it comes to my children!  Moving on…..

As I went through the house noticing all the hard work they had put in, I only had one question on my mind…”I wonder what they want this time,”.  When my sisters and I were young, I can remember only two times we would clean the house spotless without our mother having to ask, one was when we really wanted something, the other was when we were older and would throw house parties when they were out of town.  My mother always knew when she returned what we had been up to if her home was clean.

After checking everything I went into my room as I often will and sat down on my bed to try and de-stress.  Like animals of prey they pounce, instantly in my room filling the empty quiet space with what might as well be an entire herd of Zebra’s.  Their high pitched voiced driving a proverbial nail right into my ear canal.


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